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Dry Verge Systems

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The verge refers to the area that intersects between the gable end of the roof and the roofing structure. Traditionally, these areas at the edge of your roof are done with a mortar bond to prevent water from getting inside and pests such as birds from nesting inside your roofing structure. Verges rendered with concrete (wet verges) are the most common type of structure.

If you have an old wet or concrete verge on your roof, a dry verge system will eliminate all the maintenance work and guarantee a system that requires no maintenance for years to come.

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Dry verge systems are made from PVC which come with colour options that includes black, grey, charcoal, terracotta, red and more. We can provide samples during the free estimate.

On top of the benefit of maintenance when you use a dry verge system, you can choose multiple colours to enhance your home’s overall appearance.

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