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Roof cleaning and painting in Kildare. Carried out under strict safety standards and delivered with unbeatable workmanship and value. Get Wash, Paint and Seal today for a free quotation on cleaning and / or painting your roof in Kildare.

Roof sealing or roof painting as its commonly known can be of huge benefit to any household. Tiles can erode in colour as time progresses. It can really impact the overall visual of your house when your house has discoloured and aged tiles on the roof. With roof sealing / roof painting, you can fix that without getting new tiles.


There is multiple colour choices available and it can be applied to nearly all style of roofs. It is a low cost option when you compare it with the alternative of replacing your tiles completely. Call us now for a free visit and quotation from the roof washing and painting experts at Wash, Paint and Seal!

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Get in touch today for a free quotation on cleaning, painting or restoring your old driveway, patio or roof to its former condition. All work comes with a long term guarantee. Insured, expert cleaning, sealing and painting service for Kildare.